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How much one should pay for Web Designer?

Today, one can earn a good amount of money only if he/she has a successful online business. To enhance or grow the business, an attractive and user-friendly website is must. These days, if you will search for a web designer on the internet, you will get a hundred of links of web design companies. It is difficult to choose a professional and a good web designer for your online business.

Communicating with the designer is a key requirement in web design. Clearly mention what type of website you want before starting the project. If you want some changes in the design, then contact the designer and discuss the changes with him/her.

pay for Web Designer?
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Representation of the business

A site is the place where you can represent your business. A site must turn much effective and at the same time turn as more innovative and unique which lures the customers a lot. Any customer who engages in the visit of the site can turn as a potential customer depending upon the look of the site. Look of the site speaks volumes when a user uses the site. In such a way, a site must be constructed enough to make any business a success. While constructing a site, the necessary points which a designer has to keep in mind is the designs involved, choice of words, unique pattern of design, choice of words and lot more.

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Internet marketing

Websites are the only means of an online business to attract customers and to spread the business globally. Today, every business has a website where one will get all information about the company.

However, not every website is earning good money. Many web designers do not know the actual basics of developing a website. Having only technical knowledge is not enough to become a good web designer. A few designers focus only in developing a website professionally. They miss implementing internet marketing techniques that are the top requirement for a successful online business. Continue Reading

How web design developed over the years

The fist competitive browser was released by Microsoft in the year 1996 was comprehensive with its individual features and tags.  The browser supported style sheets and was viewed at that time as a technique that is incomprehensible. In the beginning the HTML markup meant for tables was actually intended for tabular data display. But it was realized that complex and multi-columned layouts could be created by using HTML tables which remained otherwise an impossible feat.

More emphasis was paid on the aesthetics and designs at that time over good mark-up so web accessibility and semantics took backseats. With HTML created site design options were limited especially with the older versions of HTML. Designers had to use complex table structures or .GIF images in blank spacers to prevent the table cells that are empty from collapsing. In December 1996 CSS was introduced by W3C to support layout and presentation.

The web development greatly enabled the HTML codes to be semantic instead of being semantic and presentational at a time. Due to this improvement web accessibility was vastly improved and people were able to see web design without tables. Flash which was called as FutureSplash originally was invented 1996. In the beginning the Flash content was simple compared to what we see now but it allowed designers to look beyond HTML, JavaScript and GIFs. The initial version used a limited predecessor of ActionScript, basic layout and tools and a timeline.

Since Flash required a plug-in web designers shunned it in the fear of losing their market because not many were ready with the compatibility to Flash. This resulted in designers going back to GIF animations and using JavaScript in place of widgets. But the popularity of Flash aided by its usability finally won specific markets that saw the benefits and eventually became a major occupant of most of the browsers. Flash was used to design an entire site gradually later due to the power it wielded.